T1TAN – PETROL BEAST 3.0- Markmannshanskar

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Nú er engar afskanir: The T1TAN PETROL BEAST 3.0 var sérstaklega hannað fyrir vont veður. Sérstakt 4mm Aqua Grip regnyfirborð. Ótrúlegt grip í rigningu og frábærir þegar ekki rignir.

  • Ofurlétt Mechano 2.0 efni sem andar.
  • Aukið gripyfirborð
  • Endurhannað silikon punching zone
  • Hægt að taka ól af


  • Aqua Grip for wet conditions.
    The Beast now hunts in the rain: The extra grippy 4mm Aqua Grip was specially developed for wet conditions. The soft professional grip foam holds balls even better.
    Performs even in dry conditions:
    Just briefly moisten the catching surface a little and the Grip Booster is there.
  • Fusion Cut.
    More catching surface at the fingertips: The innovative Fusion Cut combines the advantages of outer and inner seam models. For a perfect fit and even more contact surface when catching.
  • Beast Punching Zone.
    The Beast gets them all: the completely newly developed silicone Punching Zone makes punching even easier. The grip-optimized grooves are modeled on real Beast claws.
  • Mechano 2.0 Material.
    Stays cool: The breathable Mechano 2.0 material on the backhand provides optimal air circulation. It is ultra-lightweight and lets you perform every finger movement even more intuitively.
  • Extra Extended Adhesion Foam.
    Beat the best because you can do more: We’ve given the Beast a specially extended grip foam. For even more catching surface at the wrist.
  • Removable strap.
    Your Beast for every situation: the removable elastic straps give you all the freedom. And it stabilizes your wrists. You decide when and whether you need it or not.



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