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You’re the beast on the line. You have the Black Beast 3.0 on on your hands. The artificial turf is no match for you. And the strikers certainly even less. More resistance is not possible. Thanks to Fusion Cut with Flat Cut on the fingertips and 4mm Astro Grip adhesive foam, this glove is significantly more resistant. The perfect grip for artificial turf and hard courts. Catch it and the next ball too!

  • Fusion Cut: for minimal abrasion.
    Mix of flat and negative cut: the seams on the fingertips are not on the inside, but on the outside. This significantly increases abrasion resistance and you can enjoy your glove for longer. Fact on top: Fusion Cut gives your finger a little more room to move.
  • Long live: Astro Grip.
    Our 4mm Astro Grip adhesive foam is specially designed for hard, hard-wearing surfaces such as artificial turf and hard courts. The green dots in the foam look strong and at the same time strengthen the entire structure of the foam.
  • Fixed strap, maximized stability.
    If the landing after the save turns out to be harder, the firmly sewn latex strap gives your wrist more stability. Happy landing!
  • Ultralight: Mechano 2.0
    Lightweight for tough conditions: Thanks to the extremely breathable Mechano 2.0 textile on the backhand, even the toughest fights for the ball feel light as a feather.
  • Punch of the beast.
    Kill every shot with your fist. The silicone claw design gives you the cushioning you need in the ball thunderstorm.
  • The turbo for the Beast.
    Even more grip? No problem! Just get yourself a T1TAN TURBOGLU and turn the durable glove into a robust grip monster.
  • Thumbs up for extra protection.
    The additional silicone layer protects and spares your thumb during every parry and shines with every hard landing.

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