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No matter what happens – you’re always there. Ready at any time to collect even the most impossible balls. Because you’re the AL1EN on the team. And this is your glove.

Designed for the AL1EN in you: Innovative Mixed Cut meets rock solid 4mm Gecko Grip. Ultralight Neoflex material. Grip Protection for better durability and strong punching zone.

  • Gecko Grip Performance.
    Pure energy for your saves: The 4mm Gecko Grip eats the ball for breakfast. Extremely grippy and with superior cushioning thanks to Premium Latex. For any weather and in any game situation.
  • Grip Protection Zone.
    Maximum endurance for your game: the additional Grip Protection Zone effectively reduces abrasion. This protects your glove from premature wear. And you can play better for longer.
  • Unique Mixed Cut.
    The 360° Grip Experience: the BLACK ENERGY 2.0 combines innovative ROLLED FINGER CUT with the popular NEGATIVE CUT. The adhesive foam is thereby applied completely around the index finger and the little finger.
  • Silicone Punching Zone.
    Extra energy for the AL1EN: With the Punching Zone made of specially designed 3D silicone you punch the ball even more accurately. So you have maximum control and get the ball where you want it.
  • Neoflex Material.
    AL1EN technology for your hands: the ultra-light Neoflex material on the backhand transmits movements even more directly. It is breathable and particularly robust. For an even more intuitive game.
  • Close Fitting Fit.
    Every move fits: the close fit intelligently adapts to your hands. In every situation. For an authentic feel and optimal cushioning.

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