Gloveglu STOP ‘EM SMELLING Sprey

2.390 kr. 1.912 kr.

Not an odour cover-up. An odour eliminator for footwear and equipment.

STOP ‘EM SMELLING organic odour control will help you love your footwear and sports equipment again.

The self-activating organic enzymes within the spray break down sweat into odour-free water and CO2. The process is 100% natural, hypo-allergenic, earth and water friendly.

The more you sweat the harder it works!

Using the World only plant-based moisture management system, our organic solution moves moisture away from your foot, reducing the chance of blisters, and greatly reducing drying time.

The initial effect may take up to 48 hours (depending on the volume of odour making bacteria).

Once the process begins to breakdown the bacteria, the smells will disappear.

Simply reapply as necessary to maintain fresh-smelling boots, gloves and equipment.

Each bottle contains over 1000 sprays – enough to kill even the deadliest of smells!!

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